Phoenix-area companies advertising ‘no vaccine required’ on job applications | AZ Vaccine HQ

Phoenix-area companies advertising 'no vaccine required' on job applications | AZ Vaccine HQ

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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — So many companies are dealing with staff shortages right now, and some workers have left their jobs because of vaccine mandates. So, now we’re starting to see a trend where companies are actually advertising “no vaccine required” for job openings and it’s happening right here in the Valley.

No vaccine required jobs

Some jobs are trying to get new hires by not requiring the vaccine.

“It was out of desperation,” said Sameer Trehan, owner of Delta Shipping. Delta Shipping is a trucking company in 45 of the 50 states, with job openings in Phoenix. Trehan said he believes in the science behind the vaccine and is vaccinated, but he said many of his truckers and those in the industry are not, and right now, they’re barely staying afloat. “I’ve got trucks sitting around in different parts of the country vacant, idle, for lack of drivers, so it’s a pretty desperate scenario we are in,” said Trehan. “Maybe I can just stand out in the ad and mention it right in the headings itself that we don’t need any vaccines.”

‘No vaccine required’ is the latest tactic to attract workers

For other Valley businesses- the motivation is different. “We know that people are quitting their jobs and they’re going to need work, so we want them to know we can give them the work, we can help them out,” said Leslie Newmann, owner of FirstLight Home Care of Goodyear. Newmann works with her daughter Khylie Beitel, who is the office manager.

With their “no vaccine required” listing, they’re targeting health care workers or caregivers who have quit their jobs due to vaccine mandates. “Since advertising that we do not require the vaccination, we’ve seen an influx in applicants. It’s been insane,” said Beitel. “We have probably, for every three or four caregivers, one is vaccinated.”

They said if a client requests a vaccinated caregiver, they will make that happen, but they want their workers to have the option. “As a nonmedical home care business, we are not required to require our caregivers to be vaccinated,” said Newmann. “It’s a personal choice.”

OSHA to suspend enforcement of COVID-19 vaccine mandate for large employers

As for Trehan, he is pleading with truck drivers looking for work. “If there is any trucker that’s watching, please apply,” he said. Trehan also said part of what’s playing into his situation is how much it costs to pay his employees hourly – it’s gone up about 40% since April alone.

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