Neighborhood Notes: Pandemic arts & recovery, holiday drives, vaccines and more

Neighborhood Notes: Pandemic arts & recovery, holiday drives, vaccines and more

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Los Delicados return to the Mission 

Poet performers Norman Antonio Zelaya, Darren J. DeLeon, and Paul S. Flores return to their roots in the Mission District this Friday to honor the neighborhood’s “Floricanto” legacy of Chicano-Latino poetry from the ‘70s, and the Latino Spoken Word movement of the ‘90s. 

For their 25th anniversary, Los Delicados will perform at Brava Theater at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 20. For details and tickets, click here.

Another day, another mural 

The Mission is known for its street art and murals: Just last week, a new piece went up in Lilac Alley in honor of the Mission’s Graffiti Godfather. Meanwhile, a longer-term project underway since the summer and completed in September, only reached its funding goal of $3,000 to pay the artists a few weeks ago. 

The mural, located at 24th and York streets next to Juana Alicia’s iconic La Llorona mural, was a collaboration between nurses at San Francisco General Hospital and artists with Precita Eyes Muralists. 

Originally, three nurses volunteered to work at shelter-in-place hotels early in the pandemic and in response, their coworkers put together some money so they could treat themselves. Instead, the nurses decided to put the fund toward commissioning a permanent work of art in the community, one which “captures local responses to the pandemic, honoring the lives lost and the courage of frontline and essential workers.” 

Check out the mural from Elaine Chu, Marina Perez-Wong (aka Twin Walls) and Priya Handa when you’re in the Southeast Mission for unforgettable sights from the pandemic: an abuelita sewing face masks, a car parade in lieu of high school graduation, and healthcare workers in PPE. 

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