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List of U.S. Presidents

Comprehensive list of U.S. Presidents, curated for the curious historian. Political affiliation, Birth place, and other offices served round out this curious list.


  1. George Washington
  1. John Adams
  1. Thomas Jefferson
  1. James Madison
  1. James Monroe
  1. John Quincy Adams
  1. Andrew Jackson
  1. Martin Van Buren
  1. William Henry Harrison
  1. John Tyler
  1. James K. Polk
  1. Zachary Taylor
  1. Millard Fillmore
  1. Franklin Pierce
  1. James Buchanan
  1. Abraham Lincoln
  1. Andrew Johnson
  1. Ulysses S. Grant
  1. Rutherford B. Hayes
  1. James A. Garfield
  1. Chester A. Arthur
  1. Grover Cleveland (1st term)
  1. Benjamin Harrison
  1. Grover Cleveland (2nd term)
  1. William McKinley
  1. Theodore Roosevelt
  1. William Howard Taft
  1. Woodrow Wilson
  1. Warren G. Harding
  1. Calvin Coolidge
  1. Herbert Hoover
  1. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  1. Harry S. Truman
  1. Dwight D. Eisenhower
  1. John F. Kennedy
  1. Lyndon B. Johnson
  1. Richard Nixon
  1. Gerald Ford
  1. Jimmy Carter
  1. Ronald Reagan
  1. George H. W. Bush
  1. Bill Clinton
  1. George W. Bush
  1. Barack Obama
  1. Donald Trump

Services Performed:** None (prior to presidency)

  1. Joe Biden

# Conclusion

In reflecting upon the lineage of U.S. Presidents, it's fascinating to observe the diverse birthplaces that span from rural towns to bustling cities, painting a vivid tapestry of America's geographical heritage.

Equally intriguing is the spectrum of political affiliations, which not only chronicles the evolution of America's political landscape but also underscores the dynamic nature of its democracy. Beyond their presidencies, many of these leaders have rendered invaluable government services in various capacities, further enriching the nation's history.

These multifaceted dimensions of birthplaces, political affiliations, and prior government roles offer a deeper understanding of the individuals who have shaped the United States' trajectory.