END FOR AMERICA’S COVID CZAR? Dr Fauci in crosshairs as COVID-19 controversy grows

END FOR AMERICA’S COVID CZAR? Dr Fauci in crosshairs as COVID-19 controversy grows

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Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s Covid Czar, is in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) is arguably the health authority face of the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA and around the world.

He is the subject of a National Geographic and Disney documentary released in September entitled “Fauci” – providing what they claim is a glowing glimpse into the infectious disease specialist who has led the US fight against every epidemic the country has faced from AIDS to SARS to Ebola, and the ongoing COVID-19.

But – shockingly – he is also the subject of a viral social media campaign #ARRESTFAUCI and tag lines such as “Fauci lies, people die”, with Newsweek magazine pondering whether US President Joe Biden might do well to consider getting rid of his chief health advisor in a hit-piece entitled: “Firing Dr. Fauci Now May Help Joe Biden Manage the Next COVID Wave, and His Poll Numbers”.

So, where does the truth lie?


Since the COVID-19 virus reared its head at the beginning of 2020, Dr Fauci has at times been portrayed as an almost “God-like” character helping America and the world fight what is portrayed as the biggest health threat to modern-day humanity – COVID-19.

Yet nothing could be further from the truth, according to health professionals, scientists, and lawyers compiling evidence to take him to court. He has been accused of crimes against humanity for his alleged involvement in not only the actual creation of the virus but also the patented and commercial processes that are helping large pharmaceutical companies make billions of dollars out of the increasingly deadly vaccine rollout.

He is accused of being a key player in the “planned COVID-19 pandemic” to use mass fear and high patient death to funnel the world’s population towards an experimental vaccine that has a high mortality rate, according to voluntary reporting systems racking up millions of cases of adverse events.

Newsweek’s opinion piece, published on 22 October, takes Dr Fauci to task largely for his involvement in covering up his involvement in the origins of the COVID-19 virus and lying about it.

As Newsweek writes: (US President) Joe Biden built his presidential campaign around his assertion that he would “shut down the virus, not the economy.” Accordingly, his approval rating has slumped and risen along with US infection and death rates. The number of COVID cases nationwide is again on the decline—and, some Democratic strategists say, that gives the administration an opportunity to change

the tone of the discussion around the virus. Biden now has a chance to depoliticize the issue with an action that is suddenly less controversial than it would have been just days ago: Fire Anthony Fauci.

In a testy exchange with Republican Senator Rand Paul in July, Dr Fauci asserted flatly, “The NIH [National Institute of Health] has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

That wasn’t true. The NIH has conceded that EcoHealth and the Wuhan Institute of Virology did in fact conduct controversial gain-of-function experiments. Fauci, perhaps unknowingly, misled Congress in denying that, says Newsweek.

As the magazine notes, there is no proof that a lab accident at the Wuhan Institute started the pandemic, or that SARS-CoV-2 leaked from a lab in Wuhan or elsewhere. Still, the disclosure that US funds supported the controversial research—and the failure to acknowledge that—has deepened already-widespread distrust of Dr Fauci and by extension the Biden administration.

Other mainstream media organizations are also raising alarm about Dr Fauci. In a shocking admission, a letter from the NIH admits Dr Fauci lied about funding Wuhan gain of function experiments.

As MSM reported in October, a full two years after Wuhan hosted the 2019 Military World Games, determined by House Foreign Affairs Republicans to be one of the planet’s first superspreader events of the novel coronavirus pandemic, a top official at the NIH has conceded that contrary to the repeated assertions of Dr Fauci, the NIH did indeed fund highly dangerous gain-of-function research on bat-borne coronaviruses in the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In a letter to Kentucky Republican James Comer, the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, Lawrence A. Tabak of the NIH admitted that “out of an abundance of caution,” and, of course, after two years of external outrage over the possibility of the lab leak hypothesis, the nation’s top medical research agency conducted an additional review of how the funds authorized by Fauci and friends were used by EcoHealth Alliance, the New York City-based nonprofit organization headed by frequent Wuhan lab collaborator Peter Daszak, writes MSM.


It is important for us to remember how the USA and the world got into this mess, with the big COVID-19 death tally, draconian lockdowns and other restrictions, and the polarizing debate over the efficacy and potential dangers of the COVID-19 vaccines.

Unfortunately, America, in lock-step with the World Health Organization, led the COVID-19 response including treatment protocols and prevention measures.

As the Newsweek story points out, US President Donald Trump, who clearly disliked Dr Fauci and disagreed with his guidance, could not have fired him without intense criticism and charges that he simply didn’t want to hear the truth about the virus, vaccines, masks or lockdowns.

What is clear is that Dr Fauci and Trump caused chaos in how the USA should respond to the virus in the early months of 2020 and worsened the state of fear. Dr Fauci flip-flopped with his advice on a range of issues including mask-wearing, initially stating masks were of no use – as shown in numerous peer-reviewed studies – and also downplaying the potential dangers posed by the virus. Trump, for his part,

tried and largely failed to introduce virus treatment options that a number of doctors were having success with including Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, but his at times comical suggestions were ridiculed, largely for political reasons and because most of the media were following a script led by pharmaceutical companies and bodies such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Dr Fauci, for his part, ordered hospitals to ban these drugs and only use the non-FDA approved Remdesivir and intubation – a health regime said to allegedly have killed close to 25 percent of hospitalized COVID-19 patients, according to scientists and researchers.

Dr Fauci’s potentially deadly health protocol is still in use and suitable antivirals are banned or hard to get hold of.

With hindsight, Trump’s favoured treatment protocols could have saved tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of lives, according to health professionals investigating the COVID-19 pandemic plan.

Unfortunately, the politicization of the COVID-19 response proved deadly. In an election year, the media and social media took Trump to task over his treatment suggestions and tended to put Dr Fauci on a pedestal to such a point that that many American cars carried stickers saying “Dump Trump” and “Thank You Dr Fauci”.


Today, America’s COVID czar stands on the brink of being fired by US President Joe Biden. But if he is fired, as suggested by Newsweek, justice may not be done.

Those who have worked with Dr Fauci or have researched into his actions over the four decades of his career – from AIDS to SARS to Ebola, and the ongoing COVID-19 – are likely to have an understanding of why allegations of murder and crimes against humanity against him need to be taken seriously. He is a key player in what is being recognized as the planned and deadly COVID-19 pandemic fraud.

Dr Fauci in many ways is the face of this COVID-19 facade. If the viral social media hashtags and memes are anything to go by, there are millions of people who recognize that America’s COVID czar needs to be arrested and justice needs to done.

Jan Raphael is the pseudonym of a writer who covers Asian and world affairs.

The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of Mizzima Media

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